About Me

Hello, I’m Weston. I am a Stanford-trained engineer and entrepreneur, living and working in San Francisco.

I’m currently researching how to provide abundant potable water to everyone on the globe, from Texas to Timbuktu. My areas of interest are low-cost desalination, remote sensors, and project finance. If you have any thoughts on this, let me know!

Check out my blog for more info.


Here are some of the side projects I’m working on now:

CrowdTest.io – remote user testing platform for web and mobile apps, with real-live users, not just your roommate.

Ronin Human Capital – a service for finding high quality, remote developers and designers. Most of my developers and designers are based in Argentina and have worked with me for years.

I also serve as a technical advisor for this company:


Here are some of my past startups (that are still active today):


Leap Commerce

MetaNeer Labs

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